Depositing Mobile Casino Funds by Phone

One of the greatest capabilities of smartphones in this day and age is the ability for them to bring the entire Las Vegas and casino experience right to your pocket. Regardless of where you go or what time it may be, with a few taps of the screen you will be able to delve into engaging casino gameplay. This is because of the recent flourishing of mobile casinos: The greatest improvement that the gambling culture has seen lately.


As an enthusiastic casino-goer, you will notice that there are many advantages of partaking in the boom of the mobile casino ecosystem. Aside from the aforementioned ease of being able to quickly engage and disengage from gambling rounds regardless of your current time or place, mobile casinos also provide the convenience of being able to reimburse your funds via smartphone. Using either SMS or internal methods, you are able to quickly deposit funds for immediate use in casino games right then and there. This is because of the increasingly predominant age of globalization, where remaining connected and keeping in touch is easier than ever. 


In order to utilise mobile casino SMS depositing properly, one merely needs to send a simple text message to their mobile payment provider, as one would send a text message to their relative, spouse, or other friend or loved one. Then, the service provider authorises the transaction between you and the mobile casino vendor, essentially giving the green light for the purchase to be made. Then, depending on whatever payment method you have set up between you and your service provider, you will either see: 


A) Your next monthly phone bill being increased by the cost of the given transaction, or 

B) The cost of the given transaction being deducted from some prepaid account balance of the service provider. 


The entire process happens nearly instantaneously, leaving little downtime between starting the payment and going back to the flashing lights and the pinging, engaging sounds of your handheld casino simulation. 


Despite the recent shift of payment methods, security is a top concern when it comes to all monetary transactions associated with mobile casinos. Payments made via Short Message Services (SMS) are robust and remarkably secure, without risk of potential middle in the man attacks. Two-factor authentication is also built in place for every mobile SMS deposit, ensuring that only you will have access to your own funds. In the exceedingly rare event of a compromise to your account, chargeback mechanisms set in place can quickly revert any changes made, ensuring that your funds are returned to you in a swift manner. No deductibles are made as well, protecting you from any potential fallout that would result from someone breaching into your account. 


Mobile casinos, as a result of all of this, are seeing an unprecedented boom in popularity and media exposure. More and more casino enthusiasts are drawn to the engaging atmosphere, ease of use, and most importantly convenience of smartphone casinos. Mobile casinos are the now and the foreseeable future, as no other means provide as much of a streamlined and enjoyable gambling experience. 

How Do Wild Symbols Work?

If you play a slot game which has wild symbols attached to them those symbols are going to stand in for most of the other standard reel symbols on all of that slot games reels, so when at least one wild symbol lined up alongside other matching reel symbols on any pay line you have in play a cash payout will then be awarded to you.  This is the same from Cashapillar to Jack and the Beanstalk.

However, over the years many slot game designers have been playing around with the wild symbols and they can now do a range of additional things when they spin in!

Some slot games online have what are known as expanding reel symbols and by getting one or more of those symbols landing on any of the reels they cover the entire reels they spun in on with wild symbols when they have expanded.

You will also find some slots which have special multiplier symbols attached to the wild symbols and when any of those symbols help to form a winning combination they boost that winning payout instantly by the value of the multipliers.

There are also some slot games available online at both bingo sites and casino sites that have randomly awarded wild symbols, so as you are sat there playing off each spin you may see wild symbols suddenly being added to the reels, which can be rather exciting to see so make sure you look out for those types of slots!

Many slot games will also use the wild symbols as the jackpot symbols, and as such when playing for example five-reel video slots if you ever get a line of five of the wild symbols lining up on any pay line that you have in place that will often mean you are then going to be awarded with the jackpot.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the wild multiplier values rarely if ever come into play when you complete a line of five jackpot symbols! You will instead just be awarded with the jackpot payout as listed on the pay table of the slot for a five in a row wild symbol winning combination.

Below you will now find additional information regarding slot game wild symbols and we have picked out a slot to play online which we think you are going to love playing fi you do ever fancy playing slots with lots of wild symbols on their reels!

If you want the most exciting slot playing session then be on the lookout for a range of slot games that offer players some form of wild reel bonus games, as those bonus games when they trigger can payout some very large amounts of cash.

Those wild reel bonus games are often triggered completely at random and when awarded the one, two, three, four or even all five of the reels will get covered in wild symbols, and as such the more of the wild symbols that do get attached to the reels the more chances you will have of winning big!

If you want to get stuck into playing slots on which there are plenty of wild symbols that can be spun in, then do make sure you give the Tiki Island slot game some play time for when you do you will also notice that by spinning in five of those wild symbols on any pay line then you will be awarded with an enormous 10,000-coin jackpot payout.

Plus, as the Tiki Island slot game has a certified payout percentage of 96.29% it is a slot on which you will always get a good and fair chance of winning, and a high amount of your stakes will be returned as winning payouts too.

Why not get stuck into playing a large range of different video slot games which come with wild symbols attached to their reels, for the more of them that you do decide to play the more fun you will have, once you spin in those symbols and see how they work and play.

If you have not yet chosen a site at which to play slot games online then we highly recommend sites that use the Gamesys software and their range of games, for they have hundreds of different wild symbols in use on their many different slot games, so find lots of slots to play will be easy at sites using their software!

5 Most Played Multi-player Slot Games at Online Casinos

multiplayer slot games

5 Most Played Multi-player Slot Games at Online Casinos

Online slot machines can be boring when you are playing alone. That being said, slot games can be fun when the same online platform is shared by two people at once. Not only can you share the slot with your partner but you can also chat and decide the strategy too! Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Multi-player slot games are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the speed of internet. There are a wide variety of free and paid multiple gaming options out there. Here is a list of a few multi-player games which are very popular across geographies.

#1-Avalon Slot

This is the latest launch of Microgaming and has taken the online gambling market by storm. The Avalon slot used to operate for a single player, earlier. With the latest multi-player launch this game is making headlines.

This game is considered to be one of the most widely played games in the history of multi-player slots. The primary reasons for its popularity-slot tournaments and mobile platform. This game does have some differentiating factors compared to its solo counterpart. Another fact that makes this game exciting is the free bonuses that are awarded to you and the players who are playing with or against you. However, the payout varies.

#2-Multi-player Isis

This is a multi-player slot, which has a high variance. So, if you are big time gambler and want an adrenaline pumping game, this is the game for you! This is a high risk game. You can either win huge amount of cash or lose the same.

The bonus payout is one of the mega attractions of this slot game. The free spins attract a lot of people. This game is pretty much similar to the first one mentioned above, the reason being-it’s system of extending the bonuses. The ratio is very well thought out.

#3-No Worries Online Multiplayer Slots

There are three types of coin settings when it comes to value.  While starting the game, a player needs to choose one of the coin value settings, and only then they can start playing. A jackpot meter will decide about the bonus eligibility of your hand when the house chooses to give one.

A higher position in the jackpot meter will not only ensure that you get a higher bonus but also ensure that your fellow partner receives the favour and vice-versa. The partnership method works out very well when played in tandem.

#4-Wheel of Wealth

This was the first multi-player online casino games to be launched. It enjoys the first mover advantage. Six players can enjoy the gaming cycle in one shot. The screen of every individual player keeps them posted about other players winning. A scatter symbol on a player’s screen means that their multiplier has been increased. A bonus round gets automatically triggered. The players sitting at even spots need to select one spot to set the wheel in motion.

#5-Free Multi-player Avalon

This is a free version and you don’t need to pay upfront. Even though you have a limited time of 120 seconds only, the excitement is equally thrilling like the paid ones. Six players can share one gaming cycle and share the money and bonuses extended by the house.

The slots have been uniquely designed in a manner that lets other players view their fellow players card and winning at the same time. A free spin multiplier will keep you posted about the bonus you are entitled for at any given time. The primary task of a player involves keeping the thermometer (the bonus indicator) hot at all time because if it gets cold; a player gets disqualified from the bonus round.

Ask the Experts

Kitchen Appliances: 7 Ask The Expert features

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How to give your freezer a modern make-over.
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These days, the differences between gas and electric hobs are largely cosmetic – which one you choose depends on how good-looking you like your cooking!
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Fashionable fridges will be sporting all sorts of colours this season, thanks to International’s Fridge Paint. Donna Hardie has the low-down…

Painting Glass

Glass painting is inexpensive, easy and fun. You can use stencilling and stamping techniques to liven up any glassware – experiment with jam jars, milk bottles, water glasses and vases to make some distinctive accessories for your home.

Time to complete job: Approximately one hour, plus drying time.
Approximate budget: Under £4 for a small jar of glass paint.

You will need:
  • Glass item to be painted
  • Glass paint mixed with white, or ceramic paint
  • Pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Tape
  • Sticky-backed plastic
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Stencil brush
Tip: Both oil-based and water-based glass paints are available – just be careful never to mix the two. Mix your coloured glass paint with white to make it more opaque for dramatic stencilling effects – alternatively, a ceramic paint would also work well.

First steps
Always wash and dry your glass object carefully to degrease it before adding any paint effects.

If your glassware is badly stained, try leaving it to steep in denture cleaner dissolved in hot water for a few hours.

Most painted glassware can be hand washed in warm soapy water, but leave your newly-painted items to dry thoroughly for at least a week before washing them for the first time.

Step 1: Stencilling

  • Cut out your design
  • Draw your desired design on a piece of tracing paper with a soft pencil.
  • Tape the tracing paper to the back of a sheet of sticky-backed plastic and retrace to copy the image.
  • To make your stencil, cut out the image from the sticky-backed plastic with a craft knife on a cutting mat or board.
Step 2: Fixing the stencil

  • Place the stencil on your glass item and slowly peel away the paper back of the sticky-backed plastic until the stencil is firmly stuck to the glass.
  • Smooth away any air bubbles to make sure the edges are firm.
Step 3: Applying the paint

  • Place a small amount of your paint on an old plate.
  • Dab your stencilling brush into the paint to transfer a small amount to the brush and, holding the brush upright, apply lightly to the holes in the stencil. Move your brush in small circles to get the best transfer of colour.
  • Leave to dry then peel off the stencil. Make sure it’s dry before applying any other colours on top.
  • Tip: If you’re stencilling a large area, use a flat paintbrush instead of a stencilling brush to paint the area efficiently.
Step 4: Reverse stencilling

  • You can create interesting effects by using reverse stencilling – when you apply the paint to the area around the stencil instead of inside it.
  • Cut out your design from sticky-backed plastic as above and stick to your glassware.
  • Paint over the stencil and the rest of the glass to be covered with your paint and leave to dry.
  • Carefully peel off the stencil to leave the unpainted glass area underneath.
  • Tip: Use a sponge instead of a paintbrush to apply the paint and create a lighter effect. Always dampen the sponge before dipping it in the paint and clean immediately afterwards.
Step 5: Stamping

  • Another quick an easy glass effect is to make your own stamp design and stamp your glassware with decorative colours.
  • Cut out your desired design from a synthetic sponge with a craft knife – kitchen sponges work well.
  • Glue a piece of cardboard to the back of the sponge shape.
  • Dip the sponge in paint dabbed on an old plate and press firmly onto your glassware.
  • Reapply more paint before stamping again.
  • Let dry.

Buying with Friends

Tired of paying rent but can’t afford to buy your own home? Top estate agent Emma Basden investigates the pros and cons of an attractive alternative: buying property with your mates.
You’re itching to get on the property ladder but prices look out of reach. The chances are, though, that your friends are in the same position. So why not join forces? Banding together can strengthen your buying potential and provide a perfect solution to affording that first home. But before you run off to get that joint mortgage, you need to sit down together (without that bottle of wine!) and weigh up the options. This is serious business, as estate agent Emma Basden shows below with her list of pros and cons.

The Pros

The power of more than one
1. Mortgage lenders usually consider lending to up to four people. Four is a good number as it makes splitting the repayments and any other fees much easier.
2. More of you means bigger financial muscle and a bigger loan.
3. In turn, a bigger loan could be the difference between a studio flat and a four bed with garden.
4. A stronger financial standpoint widens your choice of area.

Finance matters
1. The four of you stand to borrow 3 and a half times your joint earnings.
2. Let’s say you all earn roughly £22,000 per year – times that by 3 and a half and you get £77,000. Now multiply £77,000 by 4 (the number of you buying together) and you have a joint budget of £308,000!
3. Any savings between you could go towards a bigger deposit and lower the interest on repayments.

The Cons

Can you really live together?
1. Could you handle the prospect of other people’s dirty dishes? Would a phantom milk pilferer lead to ongoing arguments?
2. Are your lifestyles similar? You don’t want to be woken up in the early hours of the morning when they return from yet another night out.

The Life Laundry

Has the time come for you to finally be ruthless with your rubbish? UKTV Style is here to lend a helping hand.
Lose the emotional baggage. Restore an inner sense of calm. Liberate your mind. It’s easy to be cynical and dismiss the decluttering phenomenon as a fad, but there’s no denying that in spite of the hype it all makes 100% sense.

‘Use it or lose it’ is the mission statement of lifestyle guru Dawna Walter. On a one-woman quest to rid the world of its clutter, she meets those struggling with the burden of too much stuff. The bigger the mountain of magazines, old clothes and unpaid bills, the more resolutely she goes forward. And just see her positively shine when confronted with a hoarder.

In no time at all she has families emptying out the entire contents of their homes on to the back lawn. You’ll find yourself wincing as they go through the turmoil of deciding what stays or what goes to charity, the car-boot or the jaws of a crusher. It’s surprisingly tough for the families as they confront the emotional attachments that the items represent and there’s many a tear shed.

But it’s not just about streamlining. There’s cold hard cash to be made as clearance and antiques expert Mark Franks sifts through the ‘destroy’ pile to search out any valuables.

The Million Pound Property Experiment

It was the biggest property experiment in television history. Designers Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister were given £100,000 and in just seven property purchasing moves, challenged to make it to a property worth £1million. All proceeds would eventually go to Children in Need but it was a venture that was destined to be fraught with difficulties. This weekend we’re giving viewers another chance to experience the highs and the lows of this epic journey!
It all begins in Harborne, Birmingham as Justin and Colin buy a two-bedroom terraced house with the aim of modernising it but still retaining it’s Victorian charm. After selling it for a profit of £15,000 they are soon on their way to stepping up the first rung of the property ladder.

Following purchases in Stratford, Bristol, Harrogate and Edinburgh, the dynamic duos last challenge falls on Belgravia, London. Here they buy a dated three-bedroom terraced cottage and turn it into a bright, spacious, two-bedder with extended living space. The result? The property sells for an eye-watering £1,250,000 netting the boys a very tidy profit of nearly a quarter of a million pounds!

While Justin and Colin’s unique design skills were a fundamental part of the series huge success (even if the word UTOPIA plastered across the wall of a modest Stratford flat didn’t quite catch the eye of local buyers!), the really compelling part was watching Justin and Colin themselves. Over dramatic, loud, highly opinionated and prone to hissy fits, this is the programme that helped establish them as one of TV’s most watchable couples.

Tune in Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February from 1pm.

Bad Bathroom Suites

avocado bathroom suite

You might have found your dream house, but spirits are sure to be dampened when you discover you’ve inherited an abominable avocado bathroom suite. Don’t get the bathroom blues! Donna explains how avocado can make neighbours green with envy…

Dear Donna,

My design query is as follows: we have inherited an avocado bathroom suite, with cream and peach flowered tiles, a cream carpet and cream walls.

We cannot afford to change the bathroom suite and retile the room, so we are thinking of painting the tiles white, replacing the carpet with vinyl and painting the walls.

We are unsure of what colour could match with the avocado suite. Any ideas?

Hazel Kemp.

Our Homes and Property expert says:

Hi Hazel,

Unlucky. Avocado, cream and peach makes for a pretty gruesome, dated mix, but if you can’t stretch to the expense of replacing the suite yet, there are certain things you can do to disguise it somewhat and make it easier on the eye until you have the cash for a new one.

Firstly, white makes the world of difference to this murky shade of green, so lift the whole room by painting the tiles brilliant white using specialist tile paint.

Install plain white vinyl on the floor and paint the ceiling, woodwork and at least one of the walls white. As for the colour on the other walls, keep within the green colour palette and opt for a fresh eau de nil, aqua or the palest turquoise.

Then add towels, lotions and potions in a mix of olive green, turquoise, aqua and white to tie the whole look together. Keeping within the same colour palette gives it a more sophisticated look and disguises the avocado somewhat.

At the window, add a simple white roller blind which gently diffuses light, or add a frosted effect film for privacy and maximum light. The mix of greens will take on a whole new look if you add some warm, wooden accessories such as a towel ladder, soap dish or duck board next to the bath – very elemental and spa-like.

Finally, invest in some little white tea-light holders – avocado is sure to look better by candlelight. Grafix towels, from £6.50 for a hand towel, both from Christy, (08457) 585 252.

Have fun decorating!


What’s On: Watching Paint Dry

Watching Paint Dry

Watching Paint Dry was UK TV Style’s not-so-subtle jab at the sudden surge of reality television programmes during the middle of the naughties (that is what we’re calling the 2000’s, right?), broadcasting exactly what the title of the ‘show’ suggests.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, viewers could log onto this website and watch a fresh batch of paint dry. Some days the producers would get a little crazy and mix it up a bit, splashing some Matte on the wall, while others they would apply a thick layer of gloss to some coving.

In short, UK TV Style was “tired of seeing drips all over TV, getting famous for doing very little and offering about as much entertainment as wet paint”, so they decided to upstage Big Brother and co in their own special way.

While the show was obviously just a quirky joke, it was extremely well recieved, with the media at large giving it a lot of coverage. National newspapers such as the Guardian dedicated entire pieces to the web-show, which lead to it, at one point, being — rather amusingly — one of the most popular shows on the network.